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We use operations research techniques to help you business thrive.

What is Operation Research and How Does It Inform Analytics

Operation research analysts are involved in top-level strategizing, planning, and forecasting. They use advanced techniques from mathematics, science, and engineering to make better decisions and to solve problems. These analysts help to allocate resources, measure performance, design production facilities and systems, manage the supply chain, set prices, coordinate transportation and distribution, and analyze large databases. They also have been used in wartime to effectively deploy radar, search for enemy submarines, and get supplies to where they are most needed.

What are O.R. and Analytics used for?

Almost anything that requires a decision about a real world problem–how to do something better.

Scheduling: hospital patients, classes, buses, planes, sporting events
Marketing: store layout, advertising, social media, online ad placement, recommendations on a website
Product development: product features, pricing, sales forecasts
Inventory: how many to build; how many touchpads store should have in stock
Organizations: business management, cross-cultural issues, social networks
Queueing: waiting lines at amusement parks, banks, movie theaters; line at store to buy new electronic gadget; traffic
Environment: managing sustainable resources, reducing materials needed to manufacture a product
Optimizing: internet search engines, product design
Decision making: security, investment; what college to attend