Texas Horizon Counseling and Consulting

A Family Owned Consulting Business Focused on Mental Health & Analytics

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Texas Horizon Counseling and Consulting

Texas Horizon Counseling and Consulting

About US

We are a family owned consulting business focused on mental health, analytics, and logistics. We created this business to help people both personally and professionally.

Our mental health department specializes in providing mental health seminars to employees in corporate or educational settings as well as parents and students. They also excellent in one-on-one or group therapy settings as well.

Our analytics and logistics department specializes in taking data and providing usable insights to make your business run efficiently.

We formed this business during the COVID-19 pandemic and understand the value of good help during hard times. We believe our skills could help others and we hope our skills can help you, your family, or your business.


Mental Health


Technical Writing


Explainer Journalism and Technical Writing

We are expert communicators and pride ourselves on technical communication that explains the How and Why.


We use analytic techniques derived from the field of operations research to help you business thrive.

Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Services


Our research and scenario anaylsis capabilities.

Meet the Team



Erick Jones

Assistant Professor


Sarah Maldonado

Licensed Mental Health Provider